Camaroca 1080P Tuya Wifi Peephole Video Doorbell Camera Smart Home Motion Detection Security Intercom HD Night Vision Door Bell

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Camaroca 1080P Tuya Wifi Peephole Video Doorbell Camera Smart Home Motion Detection Security Intercom HD Night Vision Door Bell

Dear buyer, the package weight is about 0.675KG, and the freight displayed on the platform is the actual freight calculated according to the weight.

The product is made of lithium alloy metal, so its weight will be heavier than that of ordinary peephole doorbell, and the product quality will be better.Device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

Our device is installed at the posistion of the peephole on the door to replacement the optical door viewer which collect peephole door veiwer, visual doorbell, security camera all in one. To solve old people, childen cannot see the door outside which to prevent security incidents. It build-in PIR function which can take pictures or videos outside the door automatically. It also with wifi function which can remote video intercom, remote monitoring, remote alarm.

Product Features:

● 2 million pixel CQMOS sensor;

● M7 all glass 200W pixel high-definition lens;

● Support multiple video formats

● With wide dynamic and low illumination functions, it supports automatic color to black;

● Adopt 32-bit processor and professional video codec chip;

● Four 850 infrared lamps with an infrared distance of 1-2 meters PIMW spectroscopic ;

Cell Phone Remote: Keep security risks out of your door;

Multi-user management: One device can support multiple users;

Built-in color screen: the elderly and children can see the door at a glance;

Aluminum alloy appearance:anti-pick and anti-theft, prevent cat’s eye unlocking;

Motion detection: automatic photo, video, remote alarm;

Infrared night vision: Completely solve the problem of not being able to see outside the door at night;

Photo cloud storage: Photos cloud storage mobile APP can view;

Wide-angle camera: The viewing angle is wide, and the situation outside the door is clear at a glance;

Video intercom Real-time monitoring:You can interact with the person in front of the door even when you are out.


This doorbell can only be connected to Tuya APP

When install peephole camera, please ensure the door thickness. According to the door thickness to
choose a proper screw:

>Doorthickness Range 30mm-60mm, please choose 35mm screw.

>Doorthickness Range 60mm-90mm, please choose 65mm screw.

>Doorthickness Range 90mm-110mm, please choose 85mm screw.

170 ° Ultra Wide Angle

Equipped with a 170° wide-angle lens, clear insight into the details outside the door to reduce safety hazards

Real-time Two Way Audio:

Built-in mic & speaker, real-time talking with the visitors no matter wherever you were. In addition to, this doorbell has anti-noise technology, it will make the conversation clearer and smoother

Smart PIR Alerts Motion-Activated

Smart PIR Alerts Motion-Activate,Highly sensitive PIR motion sensor. When motion events are detected, doorbell will wake up at once and you will receive the alerts that APP push. Then you can give a language warning to suspicious people outdoors.

Adjustable Sensitivity:●Close●Low sensitivity●Medium sensitivity●High sensitivity●Open

Max 128G TF Card,Video Duration: 15S

Rechargeable Battery:●1800mAH 2PCS Battery
●Rechargeable Via USB Cable

PIR Infrared Night Vision Function:●Automatic sensing

Device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

WIFI Peephole Video Doorbell Camera:●WIFI Connection, Video Call
●Mobile Real-time Monitoring

Common problem:

How to reset the device

When resetting, please delete your current device first, then press and hold the configuration button of the doorbell for about 8 seconds until the yellow light flash, and at the same time you will hear the voice prompt “Enter the network configuration mode”, and then click ” in the App +” to add the device icon to re-add the device.

Does it support 5GHz Wi-Fi?

No. Device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi

Why is my Wi-Fi signal not stable?

Your device may be too far from the wireless router, or an obstacle may be reducing the WiFi signal strength. You can try to move the router closer to the device.

Why is my device offline?

Offline means the device is disconnected with WiFi.Usually for two reasons

1. The device is out of power, please charge it.

2. The WiFi signal is weak and the device is disconnected from the WiFi. Please reconnect the WiFi.

Why is the screen of the mobile APP delayed?The network on the device or mobile phone is unstable or the network speed is too slow. Try to check in a place with a strong network signal.

Kind tips:

When there is no WiFi network, the device will automatically search the WiF network, and search the WiF network 10 times within 48 hours. The last time the WiFi network device is not found, it will no longer automatically search the WiFi network. In this case, you need to manually press Wake Up or the doorbell button to wake up the device WiFi network again (provided that the WiF network is normal).

This device only supports 2.4G WiFi. At the same time, please ensure that your WiFi is stable. Please consider moving the router closer to the device so that the device can obtain stronger WiFi. When the WiFi is unstable, it is likely that the outgoing line will be offline or delayed. It is important to stabilize the high-speed network.

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    Works very well, no problem for setting up and connecting.

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    I can’t connect it to the Realme 7 …. Sin

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    Works very well, no problem for setting up and connecting.

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    The product is accurate as seller description. A+++

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